Parking Block demo.
Parking Block in your truck or trunk

The portable, affordable skateboard stand.

Park your boards safely, securely, and for easy access at home, during class, or at the office. Keep a Parking Block everywhere or carry one with you. It's the ultimate skateboarder accessory.

  • Skateboards store vertically. Longboard and penny boards store horizontally.

  • Storage area holds wheels, tools, bearings, keys, and more.

  • No mounting or drilling walls.

  • Portable and easy to move.

  • Keeps dirty wheels away from walls. No dings or scratches.

  • Great for skate shop displays.

  • Eliminates tripping or falling hazards.

  • Works on all even floor surfaces from carpet to hardwood.

  • Park your skateboards in classrooms, dorm rooms, the office — even your car's trunk.

Parking Block: How to get your kid to use one.

Perfect for party favors, gifts, and retailers because each Parking Block is packaged for individual retail sale.


Parking Block was designed and engineered in Northern California for skateboarders and the people who love skateboarders.

This free-standing skateboard stand holds your deck and your stuff.


Don't face plant your family and friends. Park your board safely. Keep walkways clear and walls clean. That's two for the win.

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